Wedding Photo Booth Naperville

There is no doubt that the photo booth has experienced a resurgence in the past few years, and along with the increased popularity comes an increase in vendors. Unfortunately, having more options does not always translate to better selections. As with anything, it is important to do your research before entrusting your hard earned money and an exciting evening to the less qualified photo both rental companies of the world. While we have a number of photo booth rental companies included in our directories, the hard work of making a good decision depends upon you. You can also hireĀ Wedding Photo Booth Naperville for your wedding.

When contacting photo booth vendors vendors, make sure to inquire about the following information:

1 – Insurance – Does the photo booth company have insurance to cover accidents related to their service. Incidents with photo booths are rare, and being concerned that a photo booth might tip over on one of your guests certainly could be attributed to an overactive imagination, but accidents do happen. Even more important, insurance gives the vendor a certain sense of credibility. Professionals take care of their responsibilities, and you can have a bit more security that the photo booth

2 – Quality of photo paper – Photo strips are some of the most memorable experiences of your event. You pay enough money to be able to expect them to last. Make certain that the photo booth rental company uses high quality strips.

3 – Travel costs – Is transport of the photo booth already incorporated into the costs. This is often a hidden cost that is not addressed until too much effort has already been put into hiring a vendor. Sometimes transport fees are a flat rate, while others depend upon the miles traveled. Make certain you know ahead of time

4 – Feeding the attendant – In our opinion, vendors eating the food at your event is extremely tacky (yes, that includes weddings). Frankly, if the business takes pride in what they do, they should remain professional at all times. Most events are less than 6 hours long, and a prepared attendant should eat before they arrive.

5 – Online / CD access to the photos taken – Many photo booths these days incorporate digital storage systems that can provide access to all the photos taken throughout the event. Occasionally these come in the form of a CD or other storage devices. Make sure you negotiate access to these photos early in the process so that you are not overcharged.

6 – Will your venue permit a photo booth? – Some venues do not permit photo booths on site. The reasoning can be varied, but most likely it is because of a bad experience in the past. Often having a conversation with the coordinator and letting them know about the professional services you have already arranged can be enough to change their mind.