Best Advice for Low Testosterone

At Testosterone lab, our hormone replacement program is a fully safe, convenient, and effective program. First, we take a blood sample for testing to see if you’re a good fit for hormone replacement therapy. Then, we go over the results to see if you’re a good fit for the program. If so, we will show you how to self-administer the treatment and we will give you the first dosage in the clinic.

As long as everything is normal during the consultation, you will only have to come back for a consultation after 60 days, and then every 6 months. The dosage will be self-administered at home and we will ship the treatment right to your home or place of work. We will keep in touch with you over the phone or emails to ensure that you’re feeling normal and the treatment is being effective.

At Testosterone lab, we strive to keep your testosterone levels consistent and optimal. We try not to go with a cycled approach. Our program uses several different way to keep consistent and optimal level for you.

Our program is successful because we are constantly monitoring your overall health and happiness to ensure an effective treatment.

  • Each patient will be required to return 60 days after the initial lab work to have additional lab tests performed. This helps us to make sure that the dosage is correct and the patient is seeing optimal results in their treatment. If it isn’t, we can adjust the treatment accordingly.
  • Repeat exams are required at least twice a year, or at any time if requested by patient or doctor.
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