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Five Star Friday

The Alphabets of Pennsylvania

As those of you out there who follow my Twitter feed may have noticed, my beautiful wife and I have been on the road for the last couple of weeks, heading for the wedding of some friends in Connecticut.

Along the way, we saw a whole bunch of the country. On our way to the wedding, we stopped off in Pittsburgh to meet and spend some time with one of Mle’s longtime blog-friends and associated personages. Pittsburgh, as it turns out, is a truly beautiful city, not at all the run-down, ramshackle Rust Belt city still waiting for the steel industry to come back. If you’re in the area, I do recommend stopping by.

After the wedding, as we were heading down the east coast, we stopped in for a day in Philadelphia. We met another old internet friend of Mle’s and checked out her very cool vintage clothing store. If you’re in the area, I do recommend stopping by.

Anyway, after the San Francisco Alphabet and the New York City Alphabet, the found-letter photography game has become something of a tradition and something of a habit when we’re in new big cities. And in the space of about 24 hours each, we managed to get complete alphabets in both Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Working in a shorter time-span means a little less depth of shots from which to choose the final complete alphabet, but even so, I’m quite pleased with the way they came out.

Go have a look:

Pittsburgh Alphabet

Philadelphia Alphabet

Full disclosure/credit where credit is due: Mle has always been very good at spotting letters, but I generally take all the photos myself. However, Pittburgh’s “F” and “Z” are both shots that Mle took on her camera.

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