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Five Star Friday


Two of my favorite people, as you may know, are Leah and Simon.

Is it because they’re swell folks all around, fun to hang out with and generally good to know? Sure. Is it because Simon was totally psyched to wear a kilt in my wedding, was a fantastic groomsman (how many groomsmen are willing to take the groom out to get mugged for his bachelor party? That’s commitment, I tells ya!) and a terrific MC for the wedding reception? Yeah, sure. Is it because they’ve almost always got a guest bed, a hot tub and a well-stocked liquor cabinet available for us when we’re visiting the Bay Area (even if they don’t always manage to get the house spotlessly clean when we come over, much less make us feel like we’re staying at a fancy B&B)? I guess. Is it because I am endlessly amused and delighted by the Wombat they made whenever we hang out with them? Yeah, sure, why not?

Okay, okay, is it because they taught us to make sushi?


Could be.

Call it un-American if you wish, but as much as I love barbecue, I can’t think of any better way to celebrate the independence of our great nation – especially on a hot July evening – than with cold fish, balls of vinegar-dressed sticky rice, seaweed salad and the ever-popular inarizushi, aka “tofu bags.”

Perhaps it is a reminder to us all that so many of the things that made America the mostly-great country that it is today came from overseas and across borders.

Or perhaps I just love raw tuna and felt like eating it tonight. Couldn’t tell you.

* According to my little Mac translator widget, those Japanese characters stand for “Independence Day.” No idea whether that’s actually the case or not, but it looks kinda neet, don’t it?

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